ABC: Deep Work by Cal Newport

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ABC: Deep Work by Cal Newport

Actionable Book Club
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Welcome to the actionable book club where we take the insights from the book ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport and break it down into actionable pieces.

🤔 Problem

  • There is a lot of very valuable advice in self-help books.
  • It is hard to put the knowledge from those books into practice.
  • Reading a lot of books is very time consuming and it's hard to build a reading habit.

⚙️ Solution

  • Get an e-mail with specific actions every working day.
  • Get the most important lessons to understand the concepts behind the book.
  • Build a habit of learning.
  • Save time.

🧍Who we are

We are Albert and Laurin, and have had our private book-club for some time. We now want to share with others how to get more out of books and how to take action. So come learn with us.

If you are not happy with the value you the course provides, we will fully refund you - no questions asked.

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Every weekday
About three weeks


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